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Below is listed our current pricing, to put in a request for raw materials please email: with the subject Raw Material Request.

Please make sure to quote the material, quantity and date you’d like it by and we will get to your request in the order it was received. *Please note all orders come in a powdered form and will not be mixed unless specifically asked and paid for.*


Ceramic Supply USA Invoice Spreadsheet (1)


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  1. Hi would you be able to email me a sheet with just prices on clay suitable for school use – we are starting a ceramics program for our middle school children and are looking for a supplier looking for a low fire easy to use clay

    1. That’s so exciting! Many of our studio members start off in high school so your students will be really lucky to get a head-start. We typically get lowfire clay from Rocky Mountain and we sell it at $14.69 per block(25lbs). If you are looking for 500lbs+ of clay we can likely work out a wholesale price for you. If you could email the details of your order to we’d be happy to help you get things together!


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