Studio Pricing

Where to start…

Our studio offers a variety of ways to get your hands in clay tailored to your interests, experience and comfort level. The chart below might help you know where to start.

  includes doesn’t include cost reasons to choose  experience level

intro class

(handbuilding or wheel)

instructor, firing, materials ample time  ≈ 30$ if you’re just starting out class is really helpful! great tips will be given, questions answered and you can meet other beginners. none to a little
studio day pass materials, ample time firing, instructor 12.50-15$

if you have confidence learning or working on your own then the studio pass is for you! there wont be an instructor on site but you can self teach and practice from dusk till dawn!

a little to a lot
intermediate class  instructor, firing, materials ample time ≈ 35$ if you’d like to improve overall skills or try something new this course is for you.  a little to a lot

Open Studio

Open studio is available to those with enough experience to feel confident on their own as there won’t be an instructor on site. Each visit includes the use of tools and recycled clay but firings are charged separately.

  • Open Studio Hours:
    • Monday-Friday 10:30am-5:30pm
    • Saturday 12pm-6pm (Saturday hours vary greatly depending on volunteer availability, call ahead to insure we’re open please!)
  • Price: Single Visit -$12.50(student) 15$(regular), 8 Visit Punch Pass-$100.00 ($12.50/visit)
  • How to Book: Simply drop in anytime during open studio hours or call us at (385) 222-7885 in advance to reserve space for groups of 3 or more
  • Who: Anyone familiar with pottery who doesn’t need the hands-on instruction provided in a class setting. (Children 15 and younger should be accompanied by an adult)


Introductory wheel classes are fun casual group courses so don’t worry about your experience level! Our fabulous instructors can help you learn the basics or improve upon the knowledge you already have. Clay, tools, equipment, firings, and instruction are all included. 

  • Temporary Class Times:
    • Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 6:00pm-7:30pm
    • (Some) Saturdays 10-11:30am
  • Price: Single Class -$30.00 (firing of 1 item included), 8 Class Punch Pass: $240.00 
  • How to Book: Book on our class page 
  • Who: For anyone! From beginners to experienced, this class is for anyone who wants to get their hands on clay (ages 15+)




Buy the Class Pass and get 8 classes for $240.00 ($30.00/Class).  You can choose to come to any of the Wheel, Hand-building or Sculpture class sessions.  Simply reserve your spot online for the evening you would like to come.  Each class is taught by one of our fantastic instructors and includes use of clay, tools and glazes.  After you purchase your pass online, bring your printed receipt with you to your first class where you will receive your punch pass.  If you need to reserve a spot before you have your actual card, your punch pass# will be the last 4 digits of your Paypal transaction number. Hope to see you in class soon!




Buy the Studio Pass and get 8 Open Studio visits at the discounted price of $100.00 ($12.50/Visit).  Open Studio hours are Mon-Wed 10:30 am-5:30pm, Thur-Friday 10:30am-8pm and Sat 12:30pm-8pm.  We recommend calling ahead and reserving your spot on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings as spots can fill up.  Studio visit includes clay and tools.  Firings are charged separately.  After you purchase your pass online, bring your printed receipt with you to your first open studio visit and you will receive your punch pass.   Hope to see you in the studio soon!


Special Events

  • Call for information about birthday parties.
  • Studio Rental:  Rent out the entire studio for a party or group event.  We provide an instructor, the studio, clay and everything you need for a fun night of pottery.  Studio rental is available by reservation on Friday and Saturday nights.  The studio can accommodate a group of 10 people.   

Firing Fees

Fit whatever you can on a tray (10% upcharge for pieces taller than 10″) and we’ll fire them for you, just make sure to know what cone your clay can fire to if its not from our studio. (We fire to cone 05 for the bisque and cone 6 for the glaze firing)

  • Bisque Firing Half Tray (18″x13): $12.00
  • Bisque Firing Full Tray (18″x26): $20.00
  • Glaze Firing Half Tray: (18″x13): $12.00
  • Glaze Firing Full Tray:(18″x26): $20.00
  • Combo Firing Half Tray (Bisc & Glaze Fire) Half Tray: $18.00
  • Combo Firing Full Tray (Bisc & Glaze Fire) Full Tray: $36.00
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