If you are new to ceramics you surely have discovered that using ceramic stains can be intimidating. Most suppliers offer their mason stains with little information to help the beginning ceramicist. What percent should you use in a glaze, or porcelain slip? What If I need a color shade that is not offered as a standard pigment, can I blend two mason stain colors to achieve that? Can a bright vibrant color be turned into a pastel color? What will the color look like in glaze versus a color tinted slip. Typically these answers would have to be found by lots of trial & error glaze tests. This can be costly and time consuming, especially for a budding ceramicist or potter. That’s why we set out to simplify the world of ceramic color stains and make beautiful fired ceramic color accessible not just to factories and professionals, but to potters, artist and hobbyists alike. We’ve spent countless hours testing and sourcing the best ceramic stains and offering only the best tried and true core colors that can then be easily blended to create a plethora of beautiful colors. Simply reference our blend and opacity guide charts et Voila! Now you literally have hundreds of ceramic color shades at your fingertips. Finally you can do what you do best – Create!