The Studio

Our tools are for community use and built into the studio pass fee! This way you can get a feel for what tools you like best and work with them before buying your own. 

We provide re-cycled clay which is really plastic and great for throwing. Typically its a hybrid of a few different clay bodies so its always a surprise!

We have shelves for storing your work but will only hold things for 1 week so make sure to return quickly or its at risk of being re-cycled!

And of course we have wheels so you can try your hand(s) at the ancient art of pottery!


student day pass: 12.50$

non-student day pass:  15$

8 punch pass: 100$ (12.50/pass regardless of student status)

We have everything you’ll need to have a relaxed studio day or a productive pottery session! Give us a call at (385)222-7885 to make sure there’s space in the studio before coming in.

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  1. Hi there! My girlfriend and I just moved to salt lake and were hoping to try out the studio this weekend! Is there any space available for this Saturday? And is there a place to see classes offered?! Thanks!

    1. Hello and welcome to Salt Lake! Yes we’re open on a volunteer basis every Saturday so hours fluctuate greatly but generally around 2 is your best bet. You can always call us at (385)222-7885 to see if someone is here. If not Saturday our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 10:30-5:30(with the exception of holidays) and you’re always welcome to join for open studio during those times. You can see our schedule of classes here or by clicking the book a class tab under the studio menu button. Again welcome to Salt Lake we’re happy to have you!


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